Lishui Photo – Mark Jaremko

I met Mark Jaremko on a beautiful sunny summer day in Portland, at Photolucida’s summer reviews. I was hooked, I loved his images. His palette of blue and grey, the lights in the distance. I found myself falling into them, and enjoying their silence, the glow of an emerald city in the darkness. Nighttime is always so magical for me, bright lights big city. When I lived in the desert I had the stars as my bright light. not quite the same. The overwhelming stillness and quiet was sometimes too quiet. Mark’s images have a great balance of both stillness and life. Always on the periphery, like creating his own universe.

We are excited and honored to be carrying his work in the Studio at the gallery, and he has a new show opening at John Cleary Gallery in Houston, as well as heading to Lishui in November.

Here is more from Mark about his Nightscapes

I photograph at night. For the past four years, my focus has been on capturing urban landscapes over water photographed during a full moon, all taken with very long exposures. I am fascinated with the sky, the sea and the human presence on the horizon. The horizon can be peaceful, secluded and meditative. It can also reveal things that are distant, cold and artificial. The peaceful and secluded nature of the night draws me to scenes evoking tranquility, loneliness and isolation. My goal has always been to capture these moods in my photographs along with the finest distant details.

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