Lishui Photo – Rick Scott

Rick Scott is one of the artists who received an invitation to Lishui. He was a participant of PhotoLucida in Portland this spring. In his first review event, with a new portfolio, he received lots of feedback, and met some great people. He also crossed paths with the Lishui Photo Festival group who sent him an invitation to participate in this years festival. That is the beauty of the review process, the opportunities that come out of the events. He also was able to take the information he received, with a more critical eye and channel it into a more focused body of work, with great results.

Rick is showing a beautiful body of landscape images, all focusing on the five elements or Wu Xing in Chinese culture. He has selected a group of works honoring Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. His color, composition and focus on the light and beauty of the natural landscapes make for some lovely images.

Take a look.

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