Jon Edwards

I saw Jon’s work in Los Angeles at ReviewLA two years ago, and loved it. Have been watching his growth and success ever since. The richness of his work both in content and in process is beautiful. Images of Maine, and its people (I say it as if it were a different country) Jon captures the strength, life and emotional connection of this way of life. Having been to Maine many times and seen this rugged beauty, I am drawn in to these images, remembering how simple and how stunning it is.

Jon’s Statement –

After Practicing civil rights and environmental law for over twenty years, I have spent the last six years photographing inhabitants of islands off the coast of Maine. These individuals live simply, and demonstrate dignity and tenacity when, by choice or lack of opportunity, they are forced to survive under the harsh economics or isolation of island living, or an increasingly difficult way of life. They reside in a remote or isolated beauty and remain a direct connection with the natural environment. Their lifestyles demonstrate how far our society has come from the once organic, symbiotic relationships between human and natural conditions. My photographs are meant to be a celebration of people and places where the human spirit still connects with the natural world. It is my hope that, like my legal work, they will contribute in some small way to social justice and human progress.

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