Laurie Lambrecht

Laurie’s trees are stark, architectural, and just plain beautiful to surround yourself with. Shot in winter, these lovely images really show how life survives. When everything goes dormant, here are these living breathing, survivors in such bleak grey.
I am excited to see Laurie’s work be part of the upcoming Lishui Photo Festival in China this November.

This is what Laurie says about her work – I couldn’t say it any better.

Often a symbol of strength, trees provide visual poetry for our life and its cycles. Throughout history, literature and painting have depicted the ever changing language of landscape.
With appreciation of this tradition, it is the tree that I have chosen to study. Over the past decade I have been photographing trees in urban areas, often revisiting and further exploring their individual character. This series of photographs was begun in November 2oo4 on the edge of Lake Zurich, Switzerland. To date there are almost 25 images in the series. They are photographed at the end of the day in silent moments before dark takes over. I consider them as being in a landscape in my mind as much as an actual place. The images hold some of my emotional experience of the trees rather than merely a physical description of them.

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