Megann Gould

Megan’s photographs tell stories. of us.
They question who we are, what were we thinking, and what’s next.
Me – I have been curious about the world around me since birth (no really, ask my mom, she said I couldn’t stop looking around from the moment I opened my eyes…) So I loved this work, these stories she tells in Verso. They are mini Rorschach tests.
What do think when you see them? Are you as drawn in as I am?

Megann’s creativity and curiosity doesn’t stop at Verso, she wants us to think about what we leave behind when we walk out of a room, close a window, move along…Her series of Blackboards is a study in what were they talking about, and why is that there?

I see she has a show coming up at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco and I encourage everyone to stop by and push yourself a little. Look at her work, think about who you are, or tell stories about the people you don’t see. Get creative on your own.

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