Critical Mass + Photolucida

It’s that time again!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to show your work to some of the best and most influential people in photography and art. Critical Mass is a great way to put your work front and center to dealers, collectors, fellow photographers and dare we say movers and shakers?
How can you not participate? You don’t even have to travel to be part of this event.

Angela Bacon Kidwell, one of our newest artists at the gallery participated last year and made the top 50. See how easy that was? If you have a body of work that you think should be seen by some of the worlds best, put it out there. I’ll look forward to reviewing it when it comes through.

I mean seriously – here is the list –

Andy Adams, Editor/Publisher, Flak Photo
Jeanne Adams, Ansel Adams Galleries
Laura Addison, New Mexico Museum of Art
Kate Alpers, Art Historian, University of Arizona
Paul Amador, Amador Gallery, NYC
Kathy Aron Dowell, Kathy Dowell Art + Service
Daniel Augschoell, Ahorn Magazine
Susan Baraz, Co-Chair, Lucie Awards
Jayne H. Baum, JHB Gallery, NYC
Jen Bekman, Jen Bekman Gallery, NYC
Nathalie Belayche, Food for your Eyes, Paris
Linda Benedict-Jones, Carnegie Museum
Harvey Benge, Curator / Photographer
Chris Bennett, Newspace Center for Photography
Ellen Boerner, Independent Curator
Howard Bossen, Kresge Art Museum
Ellen Boughn, Stock Agency Strategist
David Bram, Fraction Magazine
Leslie K. Brown, Curator, PRC, Boston
Elizabeth Brown, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
Paul Buckley, Penguin Group, USA
Susan Burnstine, Black and White Photography Magazine
Alessandra Capodacqua, Studio Marangoni Foundation
Clinton Cargill, NYTimes Magazine
Jean Caslin, Caslin Gregory & Associates
Jim Casper, LensCulture
Darren Ching, Klompching Gallery/Photo District News Magazine
Brian Paul Clamp, ClampArt Gallery, NYC
Joerg Colberg, Conscientious
Alison Collins, Iris Gallery of Fine Art, Boston
Linda Connor, Photographer/Educator
Daniel Cooney, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, NYC
Sean Corcoran, Museum of the City of New York
Tony Decaneas, Panopticon Gallery, Boston
Rodrigo Corral, Rodrigo Corral Design
Lucy Davies, photography critic, Daily Telegraph
Luca Desienna, Gomma Online
Alexa Dilworth, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University
Crista Dix, wall space Gallery, Seattle
Catherine Edelman, Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago
Natasha Egan, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
Jon Feinstein, Humble Arts Foundation
Jim Fitts, Photographic Resource Center
Melanie Flood, Melanie Flood Projects
Roy Flukinger, Harry Ransom Center
Harris Fogel, Mednick Galleries, University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Taj Forer: Daylight Magazine
Hannah Frieser, Light Work
Andy Freeberg, Photographer / Previous CM Book Award Winner
Jason Fulford, Photographer / J & L Books
Aprile Gallant, Curator, Smith College Museum of Art
Helen K. Garber, Photographer / Consultant
Diana Gaston, Associate Curator, Fidelity Investments
Judi & Bernard Gerson, Galerie BMG
Christian Gerstheimer, El Paso Museum of Art
Anna Gianesini, FotoGrafia Festival Internazional, Rome
Hamidah Glasgow, Executive Director, The Center for Fine Art Photography
Fabian Goncalves Borrega, Art Museum of the Americas, Washington D.C.
Olivia Lahs-Gonzales, Sheldon Art Galleries, St. Louis
David Haberstich, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
Bruce Haley, photographer, Features Editor, ARTWORKS Magazine
Lisa Hatchadoorian, Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, WY
Gary Hesse, Independent Curator / Consultant
Tom Hinson, The Cleveland Museum of Art
Cherie Hiser, Photolucida Board
Lisa Hostetler, Milwaukee Art Museum
Jason Houston, Orion Magazine
Lisa Hunter, writer, The Intrepid Art Collector
Konstantinos Ioannidis, Art Historian, Athens
Karen Irvine, Museum of Contemporary Photography
Michael Itkoff, Daylight Magazine
Cory Jacobs, Independent Editor / Curator
Ann Jastrab, Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco
Jen Jenkins, rep, Giant Artists
Brooks Jensen, Lenswork Publishing
Tom Jimison, Curator, Baldwin Photographic Gallery
Whitney Johnson, The New Yorker Magazine
Jessica Johnston, Assistant Curator, George Eastman House
Maya Jones White Sturgeon Art Gallery, Vancouver, WA
Russell Joslin, SHOTS Magazine
Ron Jude, Co-Founder, A-Jump Books
Mindaugas Kavaliasuskas, Kaunas Photo / F Galerija, Lithuania
Arlette Kayafas, Gallery Kayafas, Boston
Eric J. Keller, Soulcatcher Studio, Santa Fe
Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe
Gerardo Montiel Klint, Photographer / Educator, Mexico City
Debra Klomp Ching, Klompching Gallery, NYC
Lisbeth Neergaard Kohloff, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Golden, CO
Paul Kopeiken, Paul Kopeiken Gallery, Los Angeles
Thomas W. Kuhn, Educator / Critic, Dusseldorf
Marten Lange, Photographer / Publisher, Farewell Books
Zuzana Lapitkova, Central European House of Photography, Bratislava
Shane Lavalete, Photographer / Publisher, Lay Flat
Sam Lee, Sam Lee Gallery, Los Angeles
Jain Lemos, Photography & Publishing Consultant
Andy Levin, 1000 Eyes Magazine
Russell Levin, Levin Gallery, Monterey
Maren Levinson, rep, Red Eye Agency
Stu Levy, Portland Art Museum Photo Council, Photolucida Board
Stephanie Lewis, Educator
Jim Leisy, Portland Art Museum Photo Council, Photolucida Board
Kevin Longino, Watermark Fine Art Photographs & Books, Houston
Karsten Lund, Independent Curator
Celina Lunsford, Fotografie Forum International, Franfurt
Mary Ann Lynch, Not for Profit Photography
Allen Maertz, Blue Sky Gallery exhibition committee, Portland
Lee Marks, Lee Marks Fine Art, Shelbyville, IN
Nadja Masri, GEO Magazine
Michael Mazzeo, Michael Mazzeo Gallery, NYC
Mary McClean, Knopf Art Department, Random House
Melanie McWhorter, Books Division manager, photo-eye Books
Raymond Meeks, Photographer
Kate Menconeri, Independent Curator
William Messer, Independent Curator
Jennifer Miller, Independent Photo Editor
Kevin Miller, Southeast Museum of Photography
Evan Mirapaul, collector
Robert Morton, Editor / Book Packager
Laura Moya, Director, Photolucida
Claire Annette Mussard, Curator / Consultant, Switzerland
Ruben Natal-San Miguel, collector
Julianne Newton, Visual Communication Quarterly
Brady Nichols Sloane, Independent Curator
Deborah Paine, Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Seattle
Joaquim Paiva, Collector
Paul Paletti, Paul Paletti Gallery, Louisville, KY
Ann Pallesen, Gallery Director, Photo Center Northwest, Seattle
Stephen Perloff, Photo Review
Mark Pinsukanjana, Modernbook Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
Terry Pitts, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Jan Potts & Elizabeth Corden, Corden Potts Gallery, San Francisco
Phillip Prodger, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA
Christopher Rauschenberg, Blue Sky Gallery / Photolucida Board
Shawn Records, Photolucida Board
Mary Ann Redding, Curator, Palace of the Governors / New Mexico History Museum
Rixon Reed photo-eye Books and Prints
Richard Renaldi, photographer
Ema Ribeiro, Lab65 Gallery
Doug Rickard, Founder / Publisher, American Suburb X
Arianna Rinaldo, Freelance Photo Editor
Conor Risch, Photo District News Magazine
John Rohrbach, Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX
Miriam Romais, En Foco
Laura Russell, 23 Sandy Gallery, Photolucida Board
Dana Salvo, Co-owner, Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA
Tina Schelhorn, Galerie Lichtblick, Cologne
Jennifer Schlesinger, VERVE Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe
Martha Schneider, Schneider Gallery, Chicago
David Schoemer, Hassla Books
Randall Scott, Randall Scott Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Camille Seaman, Photographer / Previous CM Book Award Winner
Becky Senf, Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, AZ
Ariel Shanberg, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, NY
Elizabeth Shank, Silverstein Photography, NYC
Carla Shapiro, Educator / Photographer
P. Elaine Sharpe, Independent Curator
Mark Sink, Gallery Sink, Denver, CO
Karen Sinsheimer, Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Mike Slack, Ice Plant Books
Mark Sloan, William Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston
Susan Spiritus, Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, CA
Amy Stein, Photographer / Previous CM Book Award Winner
Joni Sternbach, Photographer / Previous CM Book Award Winner
Jennifer Stoots, Stoots Fine Photography
Alex Supertano, Independent Curator
Lisa Sutcliffe, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Mary Virginia Swanson, Consultant and Educator, M.V. Swanson & Associates
Martha Takayama, Tepper Takayama Fine Arts, Boston
J.D. Talasek, Curator and Director of Exhibitions, The National Academy of Sciences
Barbara Tannenbaum, Chief Curator, Akron Art Museum
Paula Tognarelli, Griffin Museum for Photography, Winchester, MA
Leya Simmons Oswald, Oswald Gallery, Jackson, WY
Laura Valenti, Newspace Center for Photography / Photolucida Board
Annie van Avery, Photographic Center Northwest
Herman van den Boom, Hexgalleries, Belgium
Michael Van Horn, Curator, The Joseph Monsen Collection
Marie Via, Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester
Anna Walker Skillman, Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta
Jennifer Ward, Exhibitions Coordinator, FotoFest
Kate Ware, New Mexico Museum of Art
John Weber, The Tang Museum, Skidmore College
Carla Williams, Editor, Exposure
Rick Williams, Educator
Clint Willour, Executive Director / Curator, Galveston Arts Center
Rhonda Wilson, Seeing the Light, Rhubarb-rhubarb, Birmingham, England
Bryan Wolf, Photolucida Board
Laura Wzorek, Center, Santa Fe
Carol Yarrow, Photographer
Del Zogg, Works on Paper Study Center, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Manfred Zollner, fotoMAGAZIN

for more information – log onto the PhotoLucida website.

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