John Mann

John Mann is a great guy. Talented too.

A participant of Review Santa Fe, I was treated to his really inventive work, Folded in Place, images of cartographic goodness. As a geeky scientist, and map lover, I was excited to see science and art meet at a somewhat original median. The three dimensional nature of the work leads to creation of newly found worlds, civilizations and ideas of how we inhabit this planet.
He has an upcoming show at Rayko Photo Center this December, and I am always looking for a good excuse to get to the Bay Area. This might be the right enticement….
see what you think.

In his words –
Folded in Place highlights the abstraction of the landscape traditionally offered by these means, while creating a tangible photographic “place” in each image that is occupied by a mapped construction. The images therefore provide precise photographic and mapped information at the same time as they offer an abstraction of the landscape itself. The viewer is shown a landscape that is simultaneously understood and unknown, a landscape in which the map obtains a new geography of its own. “

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