Review Santa Fe

A couple of weeks ago, I was honored to participate in the Santa Fe Reviews. A three day extravaganza, I am always excited to look at new work, get new ideas and see what artists are coming up with. It’s an opportunity for me to connect with artists I already know and admire, and to meet up with my peers in an arena not often afforded to us because of our busy schedules.

I will be highlighting some artists as we move forward, but here is the great group that I was lucky enough to have pick me to spend 20 minutes with.

Julie Anand & Damon Sauer
John Mann
Richard Ashley
Katherine Lanin
Cyrus Karimipour
Sonja Thomsen
Ines d’Orey
Brad Moore
David Gardner
Jonathon Smith
Kevin Miyazaki
Jarrett Murphy
Amy Todd
John Charbonneau
Ashley Craig
Brian Buckley
Meggan Gould
Jonathon Blaustein
Hyomin Lee
Kaycie Roberts
Mark Menjivar
Stefanie Motta
Graham Miller
Curtis Wehrfritz
Deborah Hamon
Pamela Pecchio
Kelly Neal

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