UW Photography Certificate Program Exhibition

You have seen the BFA and the MFA show, now take a look at the Certificate Program show.

The Certificate program is a group of students who love photography, and care about fine tuning and crafting their own vision.
They have two shows brewing for your viewing pleasure – group one opens on the 12 of June, group two opens on the 17th of July. Don’t miss out on supporting this great group of people.

Here’s what they say about their vision –
An eclectic collection of photography that shows our unique connections with our environment. Subjects such as the lines that link us to each other in the physical world, an examination of the beauty of aging, the commodity of space in landscape, the ethereal world of water and reflection; though each subject is different, the art connects us as students, and links itself together as a single body of art. Join us as we present small pieces of ourselves. Small windows into our vision of what surrounds and connects us.

For more information log onto their website here.

shown above-
Ferns – Jennifer Ely Anderson
Cross – Siobhan Pearce McGuire
Lamps – Susan Smilow
Architecture – James Harnois
Portrait – Sopon Supamangmee

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