Corvo Brothers

The Corvo Borthers were part of the mass of submissions for our New Directions 09.

I think the work is clever, creative and timeless in a quirky sort of way.

Their artist statement talks about a world that does not impose sharp divisions between reality and fantasy and Celebrates the existence of the extraordinary. The completely blur the lines of time, humor, darkness and fear. The work is a little uncomfortable, but you keep going back. Their images are well crafted objects, with rich color, significant narrative, and intricate details. I just keep going over them, always finding something new. The series they submitted to the gallery, The Van Buren’s, I was entranced with, however, the Orphan series I find truly transfixed by.

It is creepy, cool and interesting all at once. I think they are great stories.

Here is what they have to say about the series

In Orphans, we create dreamscapes that generate wonder. Simultaneously playful and sinister, these images suggest mysterious narratives in which children on their own make their own rules. Unexpected juxtapositions of the comic and the dark become refracted portraits of our own childhood. Each image in this series is a graft that fuses photography to painted backgrounds in order to create hybrid images that blend Victorian culture, Pop imagery, and the compositional aesthetics of the Renaissance and Baroque masters.

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