Jane Fulton Alt

Jane Fulton Alt is clever, creative and interesting. I first met her in Portland at PhotoLucida, and caught up with her again in Houston at FotoFest, I am always pleased to cross paths and find out what she is working on.

Her mind works in multiple directions, yet always has the same consistent vision. She approaches her work with dedication and focus.

I enjoyed her first series, Treatment Room, then after wandering her website, I got hooked. Visitations was stunning, Mourning Light haunted me, and the new favorite, Burn is beautiful and mesmerizing.

I am so pleased that Ms. Alt has a new book coming out. It’s called Look and Leave.

Beautiful images, focused on Katrina and the Ninth Ward, personal stories grappling with the one of the worst events in recent memory. As a participant in New Orleans’s “Look and Leave” program, Jane accompanied Lower Ninth Ward residents back to their homes for the first time since fleeing Hurricane Katrina. Alt’s photographs and stories reflect the intense drama of the epic loss this community endured while highlighting lasting hope and inspiration. It is through Alt’s social worker’s compassion and keen photographer’s eye that we are given a better understanding of what it meant to be a resident of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans immediately following Hurricane Katrina.

It’s due out in August – look for it.

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