Marie Claire Bozant

Last night I was at the opening for the University of Washington MFA exhibition, and Marie was one of the fine graduating class. Also one of our submissions to our New Directions 09 exhibition, while she was not selected by our juror, George Slade, the work captured my eye.
I was taken by the intimacy of the subject, emotional joy in the tossing of the sheet, and the closeness to her, softness of her outstretched hand. I thought the images were lovely.

Her work at the MFA opening were drawings, objects her subject, as well as some objects as sculpture. While the sculpture was interesting, I am a fan of her photography. There seemed to be more intensity, connection and energy in the photos she submitted to me than what I saw hanging on the walls of the Henry.

Don’t miss the exhibition, there were some great ideas, and well crafted works. While I am passionate about photography, I love a great work of art in any medium, and I appreciate Marie’s well rounded resume, and look forward to seeing more work from her in the future.

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