Susan Burnstine on Photographers Speak

How do they do that? What are they thinking? When looking at any artwork, if its interesting, different, unsettling, jubilant, use any descriptor here, you just wonder how that came out of someones creative mind.

Interviewing a photographer can be challenging. After all, it’s a visual medium, and the images should explain all of it. Right? Often the statement can give new meaning and depth to the work in a way that the visuals cannot.

Writer/Editor of B&W magazine Dean Brierly has started a fascinating new blog, Photographers Speak. Using his interviews with artists, he delves a little deeper into the mind, process and creativity of talented photographers.

I was excited to see and read this interview with one of our talented gallery artists, Susan Burnstine. please take a minute to read it here.

the image shown above, Lift, is from her newest series, Flight.

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