Willson Cummer

Wilson’s landscapes aren’t typical, they take the mundane and peripheral, and force you to look. Sometimes with solidarity, some with silence, and sometimes the paradox and incongruity just gets you.

There is something about his vision, and I am in the process of working it out. I think they are interesting.

He starts with a rooftop garage. How many times have you parked up there on the roof and wish you had the view to yourself? Didn’t Joni Mitchell say something about parking lots? Traditional landscape in concrete.
He then moves on to underpasses, and the newest portion of the portfolio is Lake Ontario. A great deal of the work has a sense of irony and silent expanse.

I really find it fascinating what traces we leave of ourselves. I keep thinking planet of the apes, with Lady Liberty coming up out of the sand….having a background in historical geology, studying the rock for clues to our past, I wonder what we will leave behind. In a way, I think Wilson does too. He just visualizes it.

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