Sarah Malakoff

To say Sarah Malakoff just shoots interiors is to do an injustice to the work.
This body of work, is poignant, hopeful and a little bit quirky. Not to state the obvious, but our homes reflect alot about who we are, what we surround ourselves with, as well as how we want to present ourselves to the world. Sarah gets these moments on film, exposes them without judgment, and lets us make the journey with her about who the inhabitants are and how they live. I want to know these people. After living in New England for four years, I feel like I know them already, but I believe anyone can identify with them. While other artists capture images that can be sad, lonely or just void of emotion, Sarah’s images give me hope, fill me with a quirky sense of optomisim, and seem fun. Her use of patterns and textures are great, I love all of the wallpapers. Would I use them? some yes, some no, but they are a great visual cacaphony of delight.

Her work has been featured in Esopus magazine and Art in America, and she has exhibited all over New York and New England. click here to see more of this great body of work.

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