Katrina d’Autremont

Katrina’s Si Dio Quiere is a beautiful, romantic look at family.

Her soft color palette, beautiful portraits, and wonderfully warm home makes me wish I could be an extended member of the family. Her narrative of being caught between two worlds, the United States and Argentina, examining her identity, showcases the emotional connection to her surroundings, her family. Her sense of self becomes ours, and we become a larger extended family as a result.

I met Katrina in New Orleans, and ran into her again recently at Photolucida, and have seen that she has been selected as a Hey Hot Shot contender for 2009 – congratulations! She has also been selected at as 2008 top 50 winner at Photolucida’s Critical Mass. I think she has good things happening to her, as well as along career ahead of her. I look forward to what’s next.

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