Jim Kazanjian

I really sympathize with everyone who blogs.
I personally can’t keep up.
So many artists, so much information, and so little time.

This artist is one of those who stuck in my mind, but my fingertips can’t keep up moments. Jim submitted to our New Directions show, and I loved the work. Last night I was down at 23 Sandy in Portland, celebrating our artist Loren Nelson’s opening, and realized when I walked in the door, I had seen the other artist’s work somewhere before, but couldn’t place it.

I’ll tell you what, the jpgs don’t do the prints justice. The prints are gorgeous and rich.

Not to be missed. So if you are in Portland any time between now and the 30th of May, do not miss this show.

The work is smart, clever and really well meshed. His images are seamless, and you need to really dig deep, spend some time with them and keep coming back to enjoy them.

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