Brea Souders

I have watched Brea Souders over the last few years, her images are interesting, creative and thoughtful. She was recently highlighted by Dan Cooney and his Emerging Artists Auction group, and I see her continuing to grow and make a place for herself in photography. She is completing a Darkroom Residency at the Camera Club of New York, and has recently been part of Pause to Begin in Rochester, NY and at Katzen Museum in Washington DC, part of Washington Project for the Arts

I look forward to her future photographic contributions.

about Brea and her visual stories –
The photographs in this series are interpretations of superstitions that I have collected from various sources, including old texts, internet forums and word of mouth.

I’m interested in the way superstitions reflect the human urge for story telling and our need for control in an uncertain world. They act as portals to a childhood sensibility, and can transform an ordinary scene into a mysterious tableau, rich with new meaning. While researching this project, I found that superstitions morph from place to place, but certain themes remain constant. I became interested in what these themes can tell us about our fears and desires, and how they shape our psychology from an early age. Using both meditated and candid photography, I look to capture the whimsy and tension that superstitions evoke in us, and to illuminate the scope of our collective imaginings.

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