Critical Mass results are in!

Well – The top 50 of Critical Mass have been announced, and I am excited to say that we are working with some of them.

As a juror in the first and second round – I just want to let all of you know, it was a lot of hard choices. There was a truckload of really good work. I am always excited to see great work, and this group was no exception. Was there a group that didn’t make it that I wish had? Yeah, just off the top of my head would be Susan Burnstine, Mitch Dobrowner, Lydia Panas and Aline Smithson. My vote was only one of a couple hundred. Next time I’ll campaign, send out flyers, sky writers, whoever I can get to listen to be sure my choices get all the way to the top. I will do my best to showcase a number of people who should have made it, but did not.

Here is the list for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, and we are so excited to represent or work with some of this tremendously talented group.

Jeffrey Aaronson

Angela Bacon-Kidwell – is currently in our Collectible show
Cara Barer
David Paul Bayles
Damion Berger
Rita Bernstein
Pelle Cass

Tom Chambers – We are so honored to represent Tom’s incredible work.
Alejandro Chaskielberg
Céline Clanet
Ian van Coller
Livia Corona
Katrina d’Autremont
Matt Eich
Jeffris Elliott
Andy Freeberg
Amanda Friedman
Joy Goldkind
Cig Harvey
Jessica Hines
Thomas Holton
Dave Jordano
Priya Kambli
Jim Kazanjian
Jaime Kowal
Ferit Kuyas
Pablo Lopez Luz
David Leventi
Alison Malone
Rania Matar
Graham Miller
Lucas Oleniuk
Louie Palu
Eric Percher
Cara Phillips
Reiner Riedler
Christina Seely
Brian Shumway

Sarah Small – also in our Collectible show up now thru the end of December
Tema Stauffer
Will Steacy
Marcela Taboada
Daniel Traub
Antonio Turok
Carlo Van de Roer
Manuel Vazquez
Lori Waselchuk
Lisa Wiltse

Natalie Young – yup. another artist we are excited about here at the gallery. Natalie was part of our On Location show this summer, and is currently in our Collectible exhibition.
Mi Zhou

One thought on “Critical Mass results are in!

  1. You’re right Crista – there was a solid group of photographers in this year’s CM review. It’s exciting to see that so many of them are involved at Wall Space!Flak Photo weighed in on this year’s panel too – I’m featuring some of my favorite images from forty of this year’s photographers on the site this winter. Check it out online,AA

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