Charles Grogg

Charles submitted a portfolio to us this summer, and I have really enjoyed his beautiful, rich palladium prints, and the scientist in me loves the very field study like way he has captured the texture and richness of his subject.

listen to his words on the subject –

I’m struck by how we observe flowers with anthropomorphic interest. The swelling bud, the exposed pistils, the gleaming corolla are all biological mechanisms of attraction, and strangely we are moved by the same elegance that moves bees and butterflies and caterpillars. The real romance of flowers is not in their cool detachment from the fangs of life. The graphic beauty in images of flowers has the power to carry generational weight, to transport longing across ages. I’m looking for the light I remember unconsciously, a reminder that the slow transmutation of flora reflects the sameness of our generations across centuries, even millenia.

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