Jay Tyrrell

We are excited to announce our representation of Jay Tyrrell.

I have been a fan of his work, Wind Army, and have shown one of the images (Assembly Point) in our New Directions show this year. The work is clever, creative and beautiful. Using wind farms and turbines, Jay creates a narrative of a band of brothers and the obstacles they face. Take a look.

heat rays

assembly point

the generals

His new body of work, Weather, is a gorgeous four season look at British Columbia’s Howe Sound.

spring tuesday 10.01am

summer tuesday 5.21am

fall sunday 4.14pm

winter monday 7.19am

Prints are available, and Jay has created a series of Diptychs to showcase the exquisite beauty and peace he finds in his viewfinder. We are also excited to announce this work as a limited edition, cloth bound, clam-shell book with an accompanying special edition print. The book also contains essays by Ulrich Schaffer and Karen Sinsheimer, Curator of Photography at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Quantities on this special edition book are very limited (edition of 90), and I think will be a great addition to any collectors portfolio. For those who miss out on the opportunity of getting their hands on one of the limited editions, we will have a trade edition available as well. The book is due to be released this November. Please contact us at the gallery for details on how to get your copy of Jay’s extraordinary book.

in Jay’s words –

Over the last six years I have watched Mother Nature paint with weather on the landscape of this fjord. These creations are ephemeral, sometimes lasting only seconds. A little like scenes from a Cinerama movie that fade into each other. These scenes are for me are about the feeling of wonder that is generated by the beauty of light interacting with weather and the landscape, creating spellbinding colors and conveying moods. I participated in these moments, watching as islands danced through rain squalls, a clear warm day so rare that it is as rain to the desert, amazing fogs of colors I had never expected. It has been a magical and evolving experience to align myself with the seasonal rhythms of this landscape, to slow my pace and to let beauty be the reason for action.

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