Bootsy Holler

Bootsy has a unique vision and sense of composition. Her work as a editorial and commercial photographer is what most people are familiar with, but it is her personal work that I find moving, her portraits are personal and intelligent. I am a huge fan.

See what you think –

This group of images is from a series called Ruby & Willie. Here’s more about the series:

Since my Grandmother’s death in 1978, the home they had shared remained virtually unchanged. Willie lived in the basement and kitchen, not touching any other rooms. This house was always a strangely beautiful environment in stasis to me and I felt the need to finally document it. I photographed each room, capturing all the details in the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, boys’ room, girls’ room, Ruby’s room, the downstairs TV room, and finally Willie’s basement bedroom. During this process my Grandfather passed away and immediately the delicate home was torn apart and sold.

I am excited to work with Bootsy, we will be including an image for our collectible series. We’ll keep you posted. To be placed on the mailing list for collectible for updates and information click here.

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