PhotoLucida – Christine Laptuta

I had a great conversation with Christine in Portland, and loved every minute of our 20. Her platinum work is beautifully printed, creative in scale and how she captures her subject. Her panoramas are rich in detail.

see what you think –

about Christine’s work –

It’s all about the land, its mystery, its ambiguity, its disruption and rhythm.

It’s about getting in touch with my intuition and having a dialogue that challenges me.

It’s also about obstacles, changes in light, accidents, a circle with no beginning or end, the continuity of infinite repetition.

My images are all about the journeys l take. I go to places that inspire me. Both chance and serendipity play an important role in my personal narratives. I would like to embrace the land, not as a singular image but as a cinematic journey, where both the passage of time and changes in light add a third dimension to my work.

My goal is to reveal nature’s multi faceted forms, its fragmentation, its asymmetry its abstraction and animation. Ultimately what l want to capture is the essence of the land, the simplicity, beauty and the chaos that surrounds us.

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