PhotoLucida – Charlotte Watts

I was so suprised by Charlotte’s really quiet, striking images. They have light, texture and really beauitful, soft muted colors, that are enchanting.

Burial Mound

Ancient Madrone

in her words:

We think that everything happens in the “blink of an eye”, or “in a heartbeat”, and that the camera catches those moments in time–stops the motion, preserves the instant. But yet, I think it does not. A photograph only continues the present, the idea. It takes time for the eye to see and longer for the brain to process; and for as many images which our brain can bring to the foreground, there are many more behind the scenes–brief “brainprints” I call them, or déjà vu–which return to us in dreams, or prayers, or song. These recurring photographs are memento mori–they remind us that we must die, and that is why they can be so powerful. They speak to us on multiple layers–appear and reappear in many different forms.

One thought on “PhotoLucida – Charlotte Watts

  1. Watts’ work raises the level of nature photography to another level. The intimacy of her subject is married to the global significance with subtlety and sensitivity.

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