Daily Dose of Information

Photograph Magazine has an article this month on blogs. so many blogs, so little time. Images and commentary are flooding the netwaves, and if you haven’t got these blogs on your daily reading list, go ahead, take a look and add them.

Here is that list of musts from Photograph – if you have any links you can’t live without – let us know. We’ll update the list.

pictureyear.blogspot.com from James Danziger.

modernartobsession.com from Michael Hoeh.

howtobuyart.blogspot.com – Lisa Hunter’s blog on collecting, who also has a book on the subject, The Intrepid Art Collector.

Here are a few photographer blogs, and I know that there are lots of them out there – this is just a few. Gallery Artists Susan Burnstine and Aline Smithson have great blogs on photography, with musings of their own, as well as lauding kudos to artists they enjoy. Our own Joe Holmes has his daily image posted. There is Jen Beckman’s blog, Jorg Colberg’s take, Jim Casper at Lens Culture, and how we miss Alec Soth’s daily musings. Another don’t miss is Edward Winkleman. Have you seen i heart photograph?

You can literally spend all day getting lost in art from the comfort of your chair. Have a good time.

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