Shameless gallery pride

I am so proud of the work my artists are doing. I am honored to represent them, and like a proud parent of an honor student, here is some of their recent accomplishments, and where they are showing in other spaces –

Susan Burnstine
Currently featured in B&W magazine’s September issue.
Involved in a show in Irvine, California – The Third Annual Analog/Digital exhibition at Irvine Fine Arts Center.
At The Watson Studio Gallery in Johnson City, Texas with Polly Chandler and Carol Watson.
“Found at FotoFest” at John Cleary in Houston, Texas.

Mitch Dobrowner
In San Diego at the Natural History Museum. Also, don’t miss the First Place people’s pick winner of the Landscape and Architecure categories at PX3. He’s also in B&W August issue.

Joseph O. Holmes
Photographic Center Northwest and HCP in Houston.

Cynthia Greig
Showing at Clark Gallery in Boston with John Chervinsky. Also at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Philadelphia Collects: Works on Paper

Joelle Jensen
Included in the new Flash Forward 2008 to be published soon.

Lydia Panas
Mona Lisa Smiles in Shanghai, China; Discover at Gallerie Poller and HCP's anniversary exhibition.

Aline Smithson
JPG magazine, PX3 and Light Leaks magazine.

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