Critical Mass

Have you heard about Critical Mass?

The aim of Critical Mass is to provide participants with career-building opportunities and to promote the best emerging and mid-career artists working today.

From an original pool of 570 photographers, juried by a pre-selected group of photography professionals, the top 150 is distributed to over 200 more photo movers and shakers – curators from all over the world, dealers, and people who can make a difference in your work being seen and shown.

Two things – First – I was so excited that so many wall space artists were represented in the top 150 – Mitch Dobrowner, Douglas Ethridge, Cynthia Greig, Michael Levin, Kathy Smith and Aline Smithson. Then to have Mitch, Cynthia and Michael make the top 50 I thought was fantastic!

Second – That I was part of the juror pool to look at the top 150. I was able to see some really great work that I wouldn’t normally get to see.

The top six vote-getters have the opportunity to have a monograph published of their work.

Here they are – what do you think?

Beth Dow

Bill Sullivan

Jeong Mee Yoon

Joni Sternbach

Krista Steinke

Peter van Agtmael

Here are more artists with great work – some have made the the top 50, and others I just thought had some great images, and solid bodies of work. This particular group I had not seen work from.

Kevin Glenn Cooley

Eric Curry

Fran Forman

Karen Glaser

Rachel Herman

Peter Liepke

Preston Wadley

I also have been watching or have reviewed the following artists, and have enjoyed their work.

Dylan Chatain

Luis Delgado

Jon Edwards

Steve Luke Hanson

Rachel Herman

Kelli Knack

Nate Larson

Jenny Riffle

Saul Robbins

Rosanna Salonia + Matthew Yates

Sarah Small

James Soe Nyun

Daniel Traub

Shoshanna White

and there are two of the top 50 wall space has just started working with – I am thrilled at the opportunity of working with both of these tremendously talented women.

Christina Koci- Hernandez

Lydia Panas

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