Houston + FotoFest 2008

FotoFest – wow.

Photographers, curators, collectors and dealers converge on Houston biannually to celebrate the photographic community. The big event is The Meeting Place – where photographers have a 20 minute window to get their work in front of photography’s finest, hoping to sell, show, curate their work. I was honored to be part of such a great event, and I saw alot of really good work.

The great thing about FotoFest is its international community – I saw some really tremendous work from Korea, Poland, Italy and South America, as well as solid work from US artists.

Here are some of my favorites –

From Korea –

Chan Hyo Bae – Existing in Costume

Chunsoo Kim – Motel Tour

Han Sungpil – Facade

Seung Woo Back – Real World

Sookang Kim – Bojagi

From Poland

Przemyslaw Pokrycki – Rites of Passage

From Uruguay

Roberto Fernandez – Rara Avis

From Italy

Mauro Fiorese – U.Pho.S

From the US

Liz Hickok – San Francisco in Jello

Jenny Ellerbe – Rooted Firmly in Place

Joni Sternbach – Surfers

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